Wanted Dead or Alive - Dutch Mantel DVD-R

Wanted Dead or Alive - Dutch Mantel DVD-R

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THE NEWEST SERIES AT HIGHSPOTS... DR. TOM PRICHARD HOSTS "WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE" WITH HIS FIRST GUEST DUTCH MANTEL For the first episode of Dr. Tom Prichard's new show, "Wanted Dead or Alive", we pulled out the red carpet and welcomed one of wrestling's greatest minds and characters to the show, Dutch Mantel.

Tom and Dutch have known each other for years and share some of the funniest stories you will ever hear! Also Dutch gives his thoughts on what wrestlers can do in today's wrestling world to get noticed by the bigger companies.

So grab your chair and sit under the learning tree of Dutch Mantel to gain some superior knowledge of professional wrestling and you might even learn how to change a tire.

Topics Discussed

Dutch's early years in wrestling
Puerto Rico
WWE run as Zeb Coulter
Andy Kaufman
Plus so much more!!

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