I'm with Spud... Grado DVD-R

I'm with Spud... Grado DVD-R

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Welcome to I'm with Spud... Grado

Highspots has had some great hosts over the years such as Kevin Steen also Chuck and Trent? but Highspots newest host is a Rockstar - Rockstar Spud! I'm with Spud's first edition is a must see with worldwide wrestling star Grado. Not only are you going to learn about Grado's career in the ring but these two have been friend's forever and tell some of the most funny stories you will hear anywhere. From start to finish you don't what is going to happen or be said. So sit back, strap into your seat, and enjoy this wild and crazy ride that is the first episode of I'm with Spud... Grado. Topics discussed:

Grado's Gluten Diet
Nasty Bastards
Fat Gets It
British Boot Camp
Insane Championship Wrestling
and much more!

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