Supercard - WrestleMania 2 with King Kong Bundy DVD-R

Supercard - WrestleMania 2 with King Kong Bundy DVD-R

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SUPERCARD - Re-experiencing Wrestling's Greatest Nights

KING KONG BUNDY re-experiencing WrestleMania 2

At the height of pro wrestling's 1980's explosion, the legendary Hulk Hogan was heading to the second Wrestlemania against a behemoth, set to destroy him in a steel cage. A big, blue one, no less. That was all the setup needed for the fans to flock to 3 arenas, pay-per-view, and closed circuit screens. Join guest King Kong Bundy as he re-experiences this historic date with us.

Hear Bundy detail his dealings with Hogan from the first time they grappled in Japan to this historic main event. Hogan was very giving to Bundy, offering to get color whenever they met.

It didn't take much to pump up Wrestlemania 2, but you'll go inside the build up, from the broken ribs on Saturday Night's Main Event to the house shows where they couldn't touch until the big date!

Head to Los Angeles with Bundy and relive working atop the biggest show in wrestling history at the time!

Runtime: 2-hours

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