Hitting the Highspots - Ricochet 2017 Retrospective DVD-R

Hitting the Highspots - Ricochet 2017 Retrospective DVD-R

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With the huge popularity of last years edition we decided to bring back Rob Naylor to sit down with with King Ricochet to discuss his amazing year of 2017. 

This match-by-match discussion is super in depth and we go around the world with Ricochet on his journey. Ricochet has traveled to every corner of the globe this year and sits down with you to talk in depth about each match, each opponent, and what traveling is like for one of the busiest independent professional wrestlers in the world. 

All the top promotions are discussed such as PWG, New Japan, What Culture, OTT, XWA and so many more! 

This is a must watch for any Ricochet fan or anyone wanting to know what it is like to be a wrestling superstar!!

TRT: 2 hours 30 minutes

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