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Gentleman's Choice - A Mickey Grant Film

Gentleman's Choice is the story of a truly nice guy who became a total jerk when he was drinking; when the steroid GHB was added to the mix, be became truly dangerous.

A trained architect and judo competition winner from England, and a man with strong will and ambition, Chris Adams sought fame and fortune in America. He achieved it as a professional wrestler in the mid-1980s as "Gentleman" Chris Adams. At the peak of his career, he was performing in front of tens of thousands in stadiums and arena with wrestling legends including Kerry and Kevin Von Erich.

Adams submitted to the temptations that accompany fame and fortune. As soon as things were starting to go really well, other things started to go seriously wrong.

He got involved with the wrong crowd, accidentally killed a girlfriend, assaulted men and women, spent time in prison, and ultimately perished at the hands of his best friend.

Along with entertaining archival wrestling footage featuring Adams and his co-stars of the day, this documentary includes revealing interviews with the people who were there, who knew Adams personally... friends, family, wrestlers, promoters, managers, wives, strippers, drug dealers, enablers, and the man who killed Adams.

Approx. runtime: 97-minutes.

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