Existential Crisis with Excalibur - Matt Cross and Joey Janela DVD-R

Existential Crisis with Excalibur - Matt Cross and Joey Janela DVD-R

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Excalibur's first guests are Matt Cross & Joey Janela!

How many times have you free climbed a German cathedral, wrestled Ultimo Dragon, or been thrown off a building by John Zandig? Probably not at many as Matt Cross or Joey Janela, who just so happen to be the guests on the inaugural edition of "Existential Crisis with Excalibur"! Along with discussing Matt's affinity for climbing things that weren't meant to be climbed and Joey's attempted murder at the hands of Big John, the guys join Excalibur in an exploration of what brought each of them to the world of professional wrestling, along with their hopes, dreams, and biggest fears.

But don't worry, it's really not as heavy as it sounds. The discussion also touches on Matt doing a handstand on the upper railing of the Colosseum of Rome, which lead to the debut of the new segment, "Can Joey Janela do a Handstand?"

Plus, the guys recount some of their favorite Zandig stories, Tickle Time with Tito Santana, whether you should give Marty Jannetty a ride home from the bar, finding tapes of yourself backyard wrestling at the video store, and much, much more!

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