Egos Amigos with Eddie Kingston DVD-R

Egos Amigos with Eddie Kingston DVD-R

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Going in we didn't even have a name for the show! 

Which at the end of the first episode Ethan went with some random fan's choice of "Ego's Amigos." So the show is basically Ethan Page sitting around with his friends aka Amigos talking wrestling among many other crazy topics. 

We wanted to get this series started off with a bang. Enter Eddie Kingston. This show went off the rails within 5 minutes of recording. Sit back and hangout with All Ego and his Amigos on the first episode with Eddie Kingston.

Topics Include

  • ROH
  • Chikara
  • CZW
  • Ethan's First Gig
  • Excalibur as a Special Guest
  • Who is Great Muta?

Plus so much more

TRT: 93 minutes
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