My Side of the Story: Tito versus Greg DVD-R

My Side of the Story: Tito versus Greg DVD-R

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One feud. Two men. My side of the story.  Tito & Greg. 

Pro wrestling's greatest feuds re-examined by the participants.

You will not see any wrestling historians or second hand accounts here.  This new, groundbreaking series isolates both havles of a legendary wrestling feud and asks them both the same questions.  Their answers are edited beside each other's to see how similarly they remember the details of the feud.  In doing so, a remarkable capsule of their time together is created, with details and rememberances only the participants themselves can provide.

The last part of this extrodinary DVD reunites the two men, as they sit down and recount the feud together.

  • When did one first become aware of the other? 
  • Ever get a little too stiff with each other? 
  • Who approached them with the title switch plan? 
  • Where is the battered IC title belt now? 
  • Who juiced more in their feud? 
  • Talk about the psychology of working the cage 
  • Ever travel or room together? 
  • Remember the first time you met in the ring (WE do.) 
  • Was it always the plan for Tito to return to the belt? 
  • Whose finish was the legendary cage door slam? 
  • What cities had the best responsese to your matches? 
  • Could you have ever worked face/heel?

Their feud, in their words.

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