Breaking Kayfabe - Vince Russo DVD-R

Breaking Kayfabe - Vince Russo DVD-R

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One of the most maligned, controversial figures to ever enter the pro wrestling game has agreed to open up all aspects of his life for you to examine.  In this edition of the probing Breaking Kayfabe series, Vince Russo sits across from Sean and takes part in a nearly two and a half hour exploration of what makes Russo who he is.

In the spirt of all editions of this series, we go deep inside our guests and try to root out the causes for the things he's done and said.  You may know what Vince Russo has done, but we are pretty sure you don't know the man.  From his childhood to his faith, Sean explores the positives and negatives and won't drop the issue until we have the answers on issues ranging from his views on women's roles to today's wrestling fans.

It's part therapy, part interview, all shoot.  It's another Breaking Kayfabe.

Running time: 2:25
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