Breaking Kayfabe - Teddy Hart DVD-R

Breaking Kayfabe - Teddy Hart DVD-R

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If ever a reputation preceded someone into the "Breaking Kayfabe" seat, it might be this one. Teddy Annis "Hart," nephew of Breat and the Hart brothers, makes headlines. Sometimes Teddy does it with high-risk wrestling moves. Sometimes Teddy does it with criminal charges. Either way, Teddy knows how to get people talking. And man, can Teddy talk himself.

But how many times has Teddy been forced to drop the machine gun, rapid fire banter and speak from the soul? This is what we sought to achieve on this edition of the show. Teddy's path is seemingly filled with dark roads and dead ends. How much of this had Teddy brought on himself? He can blame ex-wives, girlfriends, and Bret, but Teddy's greatest enemy may be the person staring him in the mirror.

Then again, that may just be one of Teddy's faces. It's part therapy, part interview, all shoot. It's another "Breaking Kayfabe."

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