Old School with Eric Embry DVD-R

Old School with Eric Embry DVD-R

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Steve Corino Presents "OLD SCHOOL with Eric Embry"

Steve Corino hand picked Eric Embry to be his guest on the premiere edition of Old School. Why Eric Embry you may ask. Well, one day a 9 year old Steve Corino saw Eric Embry get beaten bloody by Tully Blanchard on the USA Network and Steve's life hasn't been the same. Corino has been looking forward to this conversation for quite sometime and Embry has been looking forward to sitting down and talking about his career in great depth, unlike that other interview he did for the other guys. These men talk for also 4 hours and almost an hour of it is on Eric's time in Dallas working for World Class Championship Wrestling. Embry pulls no punches and doesn't cover anything up when it comes to the Von Erichs and the management of WCCW in it's dying days. So sit back and enjoy while Steve Corino and Eric Embry go Old School.


  1. Breaking In
  2. Nick Gulas
  3. Lou Thesz
  4. Kansas City
  5. Canada
  6. Hawaii
  7. Portland
  8. Mexico
  9. Oklahoma to Florida
  10. Memphis
  11. Southwest
  12. Puerto Rico
  13. Dallas

Running Time: 3 hours 47 mins

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