Breaking the Silence - Michael Elgin Interview DVD-R

Breaking the Silence - Michael Elgin Interview DVD-R

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Breaking the Silence - The Michael Elgin Interview

On September 6th, Michael Elgin shockingly lost the ROH world championship after an incredibly short reign as champion. The following day it was reported that Elgin had fallen out of favor with ROH management. There were rumors it was because he was difficult to deal with backstage, he didn't protect himself as champion while working at PWG, and even a rumor that he was no longer interested in wrestling and wanted to chase his professional baseball dream. To make matters more complicated, Michael was stuck in Canada for a undetermined amount of time due a work visa issue which both ROH and Elgin claimed the other side was at fault.

While these Numerous reports swirled around the internet, Michael remained relatively quite about the issue and three weeks later finally returned back to his St Louis home. Immediately after Elgin returned home, he dropped the bombshell on Twitter that he quit ROH. He remained silent until now, he now had the platform to tell his side story uninterrupted. The situation that Elgin and ROH are in currently goes much deeper than a recent work visa issue, and Elgin is quite candid with where and what went wrong.

Aprox. Running Time 2 hours 8 mins

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