Cliff Compton - Wake Up Time to Die w/Sex Ferguson

Cliff Compton - Wake Up Time to Die w/Sex Ferguson

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WAKE UP TIME TO DIE!!! with Cliff Compton

Special guest: Sex Ferguson

What better way for Cliff Compton to debut his new show then with 40 year vet, Sex Ferguson. Sex has done it all! He has has worked for New York, on the rock with Carlos, Gulas' territory, Up there for Don Owens, Calgary, Japan, Down there for Eddie Graham, Memphis twice, Fullers, Ozark Mountain Wrestling after it closed, Crockett's (Steve not Jim), Ribera Steakhouse, Bill Watts, WING and for any promoter that is willing to give him a dirty 30 of Natty Light.

Cliff asks the hard questions about Sex's big upcoming comeback to the Fed in 2016 and why the name change from Johnny Paradise. Along for the ride on this roller coast is Cliff's version of Ed McMahon, Freight Train.

Also, like any good main event on an indy show in the south, this interview is full of unnecessary and unexplainable run ins which make the first edition of WAKE UP TIME TO DIE!!! with Cliff Compton a non stop thrill ride.

ALSO, this video includes a bonus match from Luke Gallows who once paid Sex $5,000 dollars to train him, but instead Sex spent it on child support and left town. Luckily, Luke turned out ok and we put this match on here because, "That Bullet Club is hot S#!t right now".

Luke Gallows vs. Caleb Konley - PWX - "The Debut" January 19, 2014 in Winston Salem, NC

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