Young Bucks Shoot Interview DVD-R

Young Bucks Shoot Interview DVD-R

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RF VIDEO got super kicked in the face by the hottest tag team in pro wrestling right now, the Young Bucks when they took the RFVIDEO hot seat. The Young Bucks tear up the rings in PWG, HOH, TNA, ROH, New Japan and where ever they lace up their boots. We had a Super Kick shoot interview that went over 3 hours long and you better believe they brought their game face on for their first ever RF VIDEO shoot. Matt and Nick were just a barrel of laughs from the minute the camera turned on until we wrapped it up. If you love ROH, PWG and the entire indy scene of wrestling, this shoot is a must grab. They have stories on everyone and you will often hear Matt say, this is the first time we are talking about this just for the RFVIDEO fans.....There are stories on the biggest names that are on the indy scene right now and the top guys who just blew up in the WWE over the last 2 years like Seth Rollins, Bryan Danielson, Kevin Steen, El Generico, Briscoes, Reddragon, Joey Ryan, Super Dragon, and the list goes on and on!!!!! Their stories are non stop from issues they had in TNA with their treatment or should I say mistreatment, issues with Vince Russo and Bruce Prichard to their asking for their release, how they felt they were treated in ROH when they first got there to when the company changed hands and new bookers were put in place, they are very vocal about Jim Cornette as we get into great detail on the teams issues with Jim as it now blew up on Twitter. Both guys speak their mind, as if they were talking right to Jim Cornette. We gave them time to respond to what they have heard Jim say about them and it was a platform for them to get stuff of their chest. Trust me its stuff that you will want to take a listen too and get their perspective.

Who influenced them in TNA and who did they learn from on the road? You will hear hilarious road stories and what the indy scene was like for the duo before they blew up big on the indy scene. Do you want to hear all about their biggest matches in TNA, PWG and ROH, don't worry we cover that.

You will hear all about their issues they had with Booker T and RVD and this story is amazing. What was it like for them to meet HBK in catering when they had some WWE extra work to do and how did their conversation go down with Shawn Michaels in catering. This is a great story. The entire Booker T story is worth the DVD alone. Nick and Matt share their entire experience on getting a WWE try out before a show and how it all went down leading up to it and what happened after their match and even the next night when they got to work the Uso's in a quick try out match. Will they ever go to the WWE and why did they turn down the WWE, you will hear their entire outlook on the WWE offers and what their thoughts on their decision to stay away for the time being. Will they have a Wrestlemania moment?

Right now they are huge superstars in New Japan working in front of their largest audience and super kicking their way to superstardom. You will hear how they broke into the Japan scene before going to New Japan they were in Dragon Gate and what that was like for the team and what toll did it take on them when they went over for their first 3 week tour. What was New Japan like and of course we talk all about the Bullet Club and their role in the club. Want stories on the club, well you you got it. Kenny Omega, AJ Styles, Anderson, Luke we got it all covered!!!!

Some of the best stories are about each other and how they rate each other, we talk about their biggest accomplishments, their goals and the biggest misconceptions of being called spot monkeys. This interview was off the charts and its a non stop fast moving interview that will keep you wanting more and more. Their stories were just amazing and funny and you can tell they have so much passion for the business. I can't wait to rush this to release because the DVD is going to make a impact on you just like a SUPERKICK to the face!!!!

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