IWA Mid-South Womens Division - Pride & Passion Volume 6-10 DVD-R Set

IWA Mid-South Womens Division - Pride & Passion Volume 6-10 DVD-R Set

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Are you a fan of women's wrestling? Then this special set is a MUST for you!IWA Mid-South put out a lot of great women's matches, including entire women events!This set includes five discs of some great womenwrestlers includingDaizee Haze, MsChif, Mickie Knuckles, Rain, Rachael Summerlyn, Sara Del Rey, Cheerleader Melissa, Daffney, Awesome Kong & more!
  1. DAIZEE HAZE vs. MICKIE KNUCKLES vs. LEXIE FYFE (12.18.04 Rensselaer, IN "Rumble In Rensselaer")
  2. DAIZEE HAZE vs. CHEERLEADER MELISSA (02.11.05 Vincennes, IN "Shadows Over Vincennes")
  3. IWA Women's Six-Way III: ARIEL vs. MsCHIF vs. CHEERLEADER MELISSA vs. DAIZEE HAZE vs. SARA DEL REY vs. MICKIE KNUCKLES (02.12.05 Highland, IN "Givin Em Da Bizness")
  4. MsCHIF vs. MICKIE KNUCKLES - Submission Match (Jan. 15, 2005 ''Anything Goes 2k5'' Highland, IN)
  5. DAIZEE HAZE vs. MICKIE KNUCKLES - Submission Match (Jan. 21, 2005 ''Hoosierland Brawl'' - Bloomington, IN)
  6. MsCHIF vs. MICKIE KNUCKLES - First Blood Match (April 1, 2005 ''April Bloodshowers2005'' - Herrin, IL)
  7. MICKIE KNUCKLES vs. ODB (April 29, 2005 ''Revenge Served Cold 05'' - Valparaiso, IN)
  8. MICKIE KNUCKLES vs. MsCHIF in the first ever IWA-MS Women's Division Steel Cage Match (April 30, 2005 ''Nowhere To Hide'' - Herrin, IL)


  1. MICKIE KNUCKLES vs. MsCHIF vs. ALLISON DANGER in a Three-Way Elimination Match for the NWA Midwest/IWA Mid-South Women's Title. (June 11, 2005 ''Something To Prove'' - Philadelphia, PA)
  2. MICKIE KNUCKLES vs. RAIN for the NWA Midwest & IWA women's titles (June 17, 2005 ''Its Clobberin Time'' - Midlothian, IL)
  3. MICKIE KNUCKLES vs. RAIN in a no DQ match for the IWA women's title (June 18, 2005 ''A New Beginning'' - Hammond, IN)
  4. MICKIE KNUCKLES vs. RAIN in a falls count anywhere match to retain IWA women's title (July 1, 2005 ''Catch a Rising Star'' - Salem, IN)
  5. MICKIE KNUCKLES vs. RAIN vs DAIZEE HAZE for the IWA Women's Title (July 2, 2005 ''No Blood No Guts No Glory 2005'' - Valparaiso, IN)
  6. MICKIE KNUCKLES vs. SHELIRIOUS for the IWA women's title (July 9, 2005 - Hammond, IN)
  7. MsCHIF vs. MICKIE KNUCKLES (July 29, 2005 Herrin, IL)
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