Back to the Territories with Jim Cornette - Mid Atlantic DVD

Back to the Territories with Jim Cornette - Mid Atlantic DVD

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We're off once again...back in time to the years of regional territories in pro wrestling. For this edition, host Jim Cornette sits down with the venerable J.J. Dillon for a comprehensive examination of the Crocketts' Mid Atlantic Wrestling.

In what can best be described as a tale of two territories, you'll see the style and formulas used by Jim Crockett Sr, and then the direction and decisions that his family implemented after his death in the 70s.

J.J. Dillon is the perfect guest for this edition of the show, having worked in both Crockett eras and also having worked as a manager and office personnel. He and Jim paint a vivid and living picture of the Mid Atlantic era like no one has before.

This journey back through one of pro wrestling's most celebrated territories is made even more special with the inclusion of over one hour of lost Mid Atlantic Wrestling footage, thanks to Jim Cornette's collection of film he purged from the dumpsters of TBS after the sale of Crockett promotions.

Get ready to hop in with JJ and Jim and go BACK TO THE TERRITORIES

Run Time 3:25

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