Old School with Mr. Wrestling II DVD-R

Old School with Mr. Wrestling II DVD-R

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On this edition of Old School, Steve sits down with one of the most beloved masked superstars of all time, Mr. Wrestling 2. PWI's wrestler of the year in 1975 Mr. Wrestling dons the classic mask once again and talks about he became one of the most recognizable wrestlers of the 80's. He was even invited to Jimmy Carter's Inauguration but declined to go because he would have to unmask! He did get to meet President Carter and was his mothers favorite wrestler. Old School fans are in for a treat as Steve and Mr. Wrestling relive some of his greatest feuds with Mr. Wrestling, Magnum TA and JYD. You don't want to miss this edition of Old School with Mr. Wrestling 2.

Topics Include:

  • Growing up in Hawaii
  • Breaking in as "Rubberman" Johnny Walker
  • Becoming Mr. Wrestling 2
  • Meeting President Jimmy Carter
  • His wife making Ric Flair's Robes
  • Feuding with Mr. Wrestling
  • Turning on Magnum TA

Total Run Time: 1 Hr 40 Mins

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