CZW - Cage of Death 1 thru 15 - 6DVD-R Set

CZW - Cage of Death 1 thru 15 - 6DVD-R Set

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6 Disc Set

The first and only official CZW Cage of Death Match Anthology! Get EVERY Cage of Death Main Event Match from the very first show up to the 2013 event!

Match Listing

Cage of Death- Lobo VS Justice Pain

Cage of Death 2- Lobo VS Zandig VS Justice Pain

Cage of Death 3- Justice Pain VS Wifebeater

Cage of Death 4- Zandig VS Lobo

Cage of Death 5- Ian Knoxxx, New Jack, Zandig, Lobo, Nick Gage & Wifebeater VS Adam Flash, B-boy, The Messiah, Johnny Kashmere, Nate Hatred & Trent Acid

Cage of Death 6 Team Blackout VS Team Cash

Cage of Death 6- Justice Pain & Wifebeater VS Nate Hatred and Nick Gage

Cage of Death 7- Justice Pain, Nick Gage & Zandig VS Joker, Necrobutcher & Toby Klein

Cage of Death 8 - Nick Gage VS Lobo VS Lufisto VS Zandig

Cage of Death 9- Danny Havoc, Drake Younger, Necrobutcher, & Toby Klein VS Brain Damage, DJ Hyde, Dustin Lee, & Scotty V

Cage of Death 10- Zandig VS Brain Damage VS Danny Havoc VS Devon Moore VS Drake Younger VS Sami Callihan

Cage of Death 11- Sami Callihan VS Danny Havoc

Cage of Death 12- Danny Havoc, Devon Moore, Dysfunction, & Scotty Vortekz VS Brain Damage, Masada, tHURTeen, & Drake Younger (w/ Billy Gram)

Cage of Death 13 Devon Moore VS Masada VS Robert Anthony VS Scotty Vortekz

Cage of Death 14- Matt Tremont VS DJ Hyde

Cage of Death 15- Danny Havoc, Devon Moore & Lucky 13 VS Drew Blood, Matt Tremont, Ron Mathis & Rory Mondo

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