Pegasus Kid: Chris Benoit The Final Rides Double DVD-R

Pegasus Kid: Chris Benoit The Final Rides Double DVD-R

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Double DVD-R Version

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Disc 1:

1. Pegasus Kid (Chris Benoit) vs. Steven Regal (20:44; 9/23/95)
2. IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion Koji Kanemoto vs. Pegasus Kid (Chris Benoit) (17:12; 9/25/95)
3. Pegasus Kid (Chris Benoit) & Scott Norton vs. Jushin Liger & Shinya Hashimoto (5:29, 3/13/96)
4. Taka Michinoku, Shinjiro Otani, Koji Kanemoto, & Tokimitsu Ishizawa vs. Jushin Liger, Gran Hamada, Pegasus Kid (Chris Benoit), & El Samurai in a best two out of three falls match (25:57, 3/14/96)
5. Shinya Hashimoto, Junji Hirata, & Osamu Nishimura vs. Pegasus Kid (Chris Benoit), Booker T, & Stevie Ray (11:22, 3/17/96)

Disc 2:

6. Pegasus Kid (Chris Benoit) vs. Shinjiro Ohtani for the vacant Cruiserweight Title (18:07, 3/20/96)
7. Pegasus Kid (Chris Benoit) vs. El Samurai (Best of the Super Jr. Tournament match, 16:06, 5/28/96)
8. Rick Steiner & Keiji Muto vs. Pegasus Kid (Chris Benoit) & Road Warrior Animal (8:05, 9/20/96)
9.Pegasus Kid (Chris Benoit) vs. Jushin Liger (JIP, 6:04, 9/23/96)
10. Pegasus Kid (Chris Benoit) & El Samurai vs. Shinjiro Otani & Tatsuhito Takaiwa (12:55, 12/16/96)
11. Jushin Liger & Pegasus Kid (Chris Benoit) vs. Shinjiro Ohtani & Tatsuhito Takaiwa (JIP, 12:00, 3/8/97)
12. Shinjiro Ohtani, Koji Kanemoto & Tatsuhito Takaiwa vs. Pegasus Kid (Chris Benoit), Jushin Liger & El Samurai (JIP, 9:30, 3/15/97)

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